SaskLander Online


Innovation Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities posted a challenge “How can technology be used as a tool to obtain permission from rural property owners before accessing their land?” We asked our geomatics staff if they had any thoughts on this, and they answered, they had more than thoughts, they had a solution. The team pitched their solution, won the challenge, and SaskLander was created (

SaskLander is a land access management tool for rural property owners and operators. It allows them to set allowable activities and to schedule when those activities can take place. The app provides updates of who is on their land and why. On the other side of the transaction, hunters, surveyors or even archaeologists can contact the landowner directly through the SaskLander App and request permission to carry out their activities.

One of the features of the app is the security of personal information. By using in-app communication, it is not necessary to provide personal phone numbers or home addresses.

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