Proven Experience. Trusted Expertise. Innovative Solutions.

Since 1990, Western Heritage has been trusted to deliver innovative solutions and proven expertise for the critical compliance and information needs of our clients across Canada and around the world. We are the premier choice for any project where heritage and cultural resources may be present. We serve clients across many sectors, from resource industries such as mining, forestry, and petroleum to infrastructure clients, cities, and communities.

Our specialized services include:

01 - archeology

Archaeology and Heritage Management Compliance

With decades of industry experience, our senior management team can provide solutions to ensure regulatory compliance as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

02 - geomatics

Western Heritage UAV

As a reliable aerial survey & inspection provider, Western Heritage UAV provides LiDAR Mobile Mapping products and comprehensive UAV survey and inspection services.

02 - geomatics

GIS & Remote Sensing

Western Heritage has provided GIS & Remote Sensing services to clients around the world, from local, regional and national clients to international governments and agencies.

03 - geotechnical

Geotechnical Services including Near Surface Geophysics and Geoarchaeology

Western Heritage offers a wide range of geotechnical solutions including near surface geophysical studies and geo-archaeological services.

04 - community

Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility Planning

Western Heritage can work with you to develop a comprehensive engagement plan to address stakeholder needs and concerns, and ensure sustainable development.

05 - imaging

Imagery and Software Sales

Western Heritage provides satellite imagery for every region of the world, with spatial resolutions from 1 km to 50 cm.