Welcome to the temporary info page of SaskLander, the future service for landowner access management in Saskatchewan. This service and its mobile application are being developed by WH Geomatics, winners of the 2019 Innovation Saskatchewan “Rural Property Access Challenge”.

This service is a technological solution designed to improve the process of requesting land access between rural landowners and interested land users. The driving force for this solution is the difficulty recreational users have finding the appropriate contact requesting land access permission. This has an effect on all of land use including hunting, recreational vehicles, and even hiking and berry picking, all of which will benefit from the use of SaskLander.

SaskLander will let users identify land they are interested in accessing, and provide them with a list of required permissions (as set by the landowner). The request for access is sent and approved or declined all within the app environment.

The webpage provides the portal for land-owners as well as recreational, corporate, and First Nations traditional land users to sign up for more information and find updates on development.

We welcome you to leave your name and contact information to receive regular updates on the development. Also, please feel free to contact us with your comments.

Aldo Scribante
SaskLander Project Manager

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