Imagery and Software Sales

Satellite imagery has changed the way we see the world. Detailed, up to date imagery provides information faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional imagery sources such as air photos, allowing more informed planning, monitoring, and decision making. Archival imagery allows a look into the past, providing valuable information that may otherwise be unavailable.

Western Heritage provides satellite imagery for every region of the world, with spatial resolutions from 1 km to 30 cm. We are a certified reseller for Digital Globe. Our advantage is our detailed technical knowledge of each satellite and its applications, access to the technical experts of the satellite owners, and the ability to quote and receive payments in local currencies. Our most significant benefit is our quality control. Western Heritage will not sell imagery that does not meet the customer’s quality specifications.

We can supply images from optical or radar satellites:

Optical Satellites

  • GeoEye, Ikonos, Worldview I, Worldview II, Quickbird
  • RapidEye, Spot, LandSat

Radar Satellites

  • Radarsat, ASAR, Terra-x and more

Western Heritage also distributes specialized imagery software:

  • GeoExpress from LizardTech
  • MrSid compression services from Lizardtech