EFMP Version 2.0 Online

02 - geomatics

Did you know that the parents of Western Heritage’s Environmental Footprint Monitoring Platform (EFMP) were an international study modeling the impact of climate change on grassland productivity in Saskatchewan and Tibet, and a study on monitoring the health of urban environments. Both of those studies relied on Western Heritage’s expertise in extracting information from a variety of imagery sources. We mention this since modeling and monitoring the impacts of climate change on natural and urban environments are still part of the mandate of the EFMP.

Accurate and timely measurements and reporting of environmental effects is also crucial in resource development. The EFMP utilizes satellite imagery and remote sensing technology to deliver information on the health of vegetation, and the availability and health of water resources in a customer’s project area. Where satellite imagery does not provide all of the information, the EFMP incorporates additional data from UAVs and ground-based sensors.

Version 2.0, completed with generous support from NRC-IRAP, contains a host of new features. We automated the acquisition of satellite imagery, automated landcover classifications, improved the water depth and volume models to include deeper water, and added the ability to compare and contrast environmental change at multiple locations.

Call us to add the EFMP to your work flow. Check out the EFMP website at https://www.footprintmonitoring.com.